Mission / Domains




The Directorate General of Energy and Geology (DGEG) is the Portuguese Public Administration body which has the mission of contributing to the design, promotion and evaluation of policies related to energy and geological resources, aiming for sustainable development and ensuring security of supply.


DGEG's mission includes raising citizens' awareness of the importance of these policies domains in the context of the economic and social development desired for the country, informing them of the instruments available for the implementation of political decisions and disseminating the results of their monitoring and implementation.



Legal Documents (in PT):


  • Decree 69/2018, August 27 - 2nd amendment and republication of Decree 130/2014, August 29, which approved the organic of Directorate-General for Energy and Geology (DGEG).



  • Decree 130/2014, August 29 - approves the organic of Directorate-General for Energy and Geology (DGEG) and proceeds to the amendment of Decree 165/2013, December 16, that introduced readjustments in the definition and the attributions of DGEG and other National entities.



General Domains:


  • Contribute to defining, implementing and evaluating energy policies and identifying and exploiting geological resources, aiming at their valorization and appropriate use, and monitoring the functioning of their markets, companies and products;


  • Promote and participate in the development of the appropriate legislative and regulatory framework for the development of systems, processes and equipment related to the production, transport, distribution and use of energy, in particular security of supply, diversification of energy sources, energy efficiency and environmental preservation;


  • Promote and participate in the development of the legislative and regulatory framework, related to the development of policies and measures for the prospection, exploitation, protection and valorization of geological resources and their business and contractual context;


  • Support the participation of the respective Ministry in the European Union (EU) and International affairs, in the area of energy and geological resources, as well as promote the transposition of EU directives and monitor their implementation;


  • Carry out enforcement actions in the fields of energy and geological resources, in accordance with the applicable legislation to their different sectors;


  • Support Government in decision-making during crisis or emergency situations within the law framework and provide the the steering of the Emergency Energy Planning Commission.