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Geological Heritage

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Law no. 54/2015 regarding the "bases of the legal regime of disclosure and exploitation of geological resources" presents in Article 1, as object and scope of application, geological resources as natural assets and the legal qualification of these geological assets underlies the material assets covered considered according to their monetary value as well as other values, expressly named the geological, mining or educational relevance, so it appears to cover not only a wealth of strictly economic nature but also a wealth of immaterial nature based on other values.



In this context, Law no. 54/2015, with a breadth capable of encompassing a heterogeneous set of material and immaterial realities subject to a unitary regime, enshrines the term "geological resources" in the perspective of the fundamental elements of a reality which, seen from the global perspective, is presented aggregated in a patrimonial set, the geological patrimony by virtue of the geological nature of natural assets covered.

Itinerary of Mines and Geological and Mining Points of Interest of Portugal