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Geographic Information

Regarding activities in the area of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), DGEG's mission is to centralize and maintain the computerized registration of entities and facilities in the fields of geology and energy, including their respective cartographic base, in coordination with the various service departments.


According to the INSPIRE Directive, DGEG must ensure the creation and availability of metadata (alphanumeric information useful for identifying, locating, and documenting data) and visualization and download services of geographic data.


On this Geographic Information dedicated page, it is possible to visualize and download geospatial information in vector format using web services (to access information on web services, select the "energy" or "geology" menu).




List of Energy links that you can view and/or download with a GIS software


List of Geology links that you can view and/or download with a GIS software.

Map Viewer

You can consult the maps that DGEG makes available on the various Energy and Geology themes.