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Information Technologies


The Department of Information Systems and Communications (DSSIC) has several responsibilities in the field of information technology, communication, and digital security. The main tasks include management, implementation, development and operation of information and communication systems to support DGEG's activity. This department is responsible for ensuring the update and maintenance of existing systems, aiming for effective responses to DGEG’s needs.


The development is oriented towards architectures that facilitate the dematerialization and integration of information services, promoting modernization, innovation, and quality measures aiming:


  • simplification and easy access to information.
  • interoperability of DGEG’s systems and databases with external entities of energy and environmental sectors.
  • better integration and exchange of information.


DSSIC is responsible for the development and maintenance of information, communication, multimedia content and computer application systems. The department manages computer, audio-visuals, and communication platforms, ensuring their operability and the provision of stable and reliable services. In addition, it defines and applies rules and standards for the use of information and communication systems, ensuring the security, confidentiality and integrity of the applications and the means involved. Security of information systems is also a priority for DSSIC, having the responsibility of ensuring the security of DGEG's systems, responding to, and mitigating any computer attacks.


This department also analyses and evaluates information performance, proposing improvements, updates, or replacements when necessary. The assessment of quality and adequacy of digital services offered by DGEG is also within the scope of DSSIC intervention, advising improvement measures based on the needs of users and the efficiency of the services provided.