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GIS and Territorial Planning

The Geographic Information Systems and Territorial Planning (SIGO) team, created through Dispatch No. 49/2020 of August 31, 2020, led by a Coordinator appointed by Dispatch No. 32/2021 of December 6, 2021, in order to provide DGEG with a cross-functional team that focuses on transversal support in the areas of Territorial Planning (OT) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS), under the supervision of the DGEG Management, has the following main competencies:

  • Monitor the National Spatial Planning Policy Program (PNPOT)

  • Participate, in collaboration with other organizations, in the evaluation and revision of Territorial Management instruments, particularly with regard to the PNPOT, National Sectoral and Special Programs, Regional Spatial Planning Programs, and Inter-municipal and Municipal Spatial Planning plans

  • Support the preparation and review of environmental impact and urban planning technical reports.

  • Centralize and maintain the digital registry of entities and facilities in the areas of geology and energy, including the respective cartographic base, namely the GIS - Geographic Information System, in coordination with the various service directorates

  • Perform georeferencing in the GIS of areas and polygons related to activities associated with geological resources and energy

  • Monitor and answer requests regarding the implementation and compatibility of areas, concessions, facilities, and infrastructure of the energy sector and geological resources with territorial management instruments, particularly with Municipal Master Plans (PDMs).




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